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How it works.

Your challenge: your sales force is screaming for fast, easy sales applications that actually help them close business. Yet, standalone sales force automation tools are built on old paradigms – and don’t easily integrate with your core systems and processes to give your sales team the whole picture.

You need new sales solutions designed for the way your sales people sell today – and are a breeze to use, affordable, and quickly integrate with your back-office operation.

Welcome to SAP Cloud for Sales.

The power of easy.

Built for salespeople with today’s intuitive social networking concepts and collaboration delivered in a sales context, SAP Cloud for Sales is sales friendly and easy-to-use. Connect with the people you need and find the right experts to help you close deal.

All the customer information you need is available at a glance and delivered in the right context. Quickly update your accounts, and with real-time updates and message feeds you and your team are always in lock step on the information you care about. You can tag and flag information for fast access and use shortcuts to complete tasks quickly. With SAP Cloud for Sales, it’s easy to be prepared for every call and every close.

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Manage your accounts – efficiently

Easily accessible sales automation functionality lets you quickly and effectively manage your accounts. You can work with colleagues on important documents, tap into intelligence on the competition, and access product and pricing information. With SAP Cloud for Sales, you can keep tabs on opportunity and account performance to sell better while providing your managers the transparency they need.

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Critical sales data from the back office, at your fingertips.

Integrated with your SAP ERP application, SAP Cloud for Sales provides no-hassle access to your back-office information, from products and pricing to quotes and sales orders. Get up-to-the-minute information from your back-office systems – with faster and more cost-effective integration than standalone sales applications. It’s the perfect way to help your sales team while leveraging your company’s existing IT investment.

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Sell with the strength of your entire sales team.

SAP Cloud for Sales enables instant, efficient collaboration with your team members and extended sales community. You can crowd-source ideas, share sales best practices and relevant information within the context of specific accounts and opportunities, and plan and prepare for meetings and presentations on the go.

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Welcome to your new dashboard.

With SAP Cloud for Sales, you get contextual, real-time customer information and sales insight to help you make decisions quickly – and beat the competition to the punch. You can view sales information with preset dashboards; use embedded reports to track sales cycles, wins and losses, and revenue trends; and create configurable reports based on your specific needs.

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We go where you go.

We bet you can’t imagine a day without your mobile device. Why should your business be any different? Our mobile strategy is simple: we go where you go. SAP Cloud for Sales supports a wide range of mobile devices including the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, and a range of RIM BlackBerry devices. So whether you’re on the street, in the air, or on your child’s soccer field, sales tracking is right there with you.

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Avoid the Application Swivel Chair.

SAP Cloud for Sales helps you work more efficiently by providing full integration with Microsoft Outlook. Rather than jumping back and forth between Outlook and your Sales application, you can do all of your work in one place, never losing context or leaving work half done. Stop wasting your time copy/pasting. Instead, spend more time selling effectively.

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