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Jump-start your
sales team!

SAP Cloud for Sales was designed from the ground up for salespeople like you to help you sell bigger and close deals faster. It’s that simple.

Its unmatched bang for your buck.

With per-user, per-month subscription pricing and no upfront capital investment required, now is the time to empower your sales team with SAP Cloud for Sales.

You can start with as few as ten users and add more as you need them. The solution is competitively priced at $80 per user, per month, with tiered pricing as your user volume grows so you can predictably plan your costs. Best of all, that low subscription fee includes ongoing support and upgrade services.

Get Rapid Deployment – and instant value.

With SAP Cloud for Sales you experience the value of better selling in no time flat.

Our cost-effective standard onboarding services provide everything you need to get up and running quickly – including solution setup and user and system administration training, all the while assuring that your business needs are met.

Tailor your solution
to fit.

You can tailor SAP Cloud for Sales to meet your specific needs, or let SAP help you. We offer optional services that provide greater flexibility and enhanced capabilities – including data cleansing; enhanced SAP ERP and CRM integration; key-user services; custom reports, queries, and dashboards; and mobile-user setup.

We’re in your

SAP Cloud for Sales has been localized to support your global sales force worldwide in any of the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. It’s easy to work smarter, sell better and win more no matter where you are.