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Welcome to our blog focused on the hot topics that are driving sales effectiveness today. You’ll hear from a variety of experts, including SAP Staff, partners, and leading sales thought leaders in the industry. Please feel free to join in the discussion.

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    Motivate Your Team to Sales Success

    With fiscal year end in sight for many sales organizations, December can usher a pressure unfelt throughout the rest of the year into a month already packed with holiday parties and vacation plans. As some companies strive to clear out their cash buckets and others fight to fill theirs, sales representatives can find themselves in an overwhelming obstacle course of sales quotas, deadlines, and hard to reach prospects.

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    “Intelligent Leads”

    I was recently asked to share my views of the impact of Big Data, business intelligence, and data analytics in sales. We are only beginning to scratch the surface in leveraging Big Data, particularly in sales. Many other functions have been leveraging big data and rich analytics for years, with great impact. I’ve been quoted a lot about my view that Big Data and rich analytics are the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” for sales and marketing. These have the greatest potential in driving both sales effectiveness, but also customer experience of anything that I’m seeing.

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    How to Win More by Selling Less

    If you’re falling short of your 2012 number, you have three options: (1) Keep doing what you’ve been doing, (2) Change your approach in hopes of still saving your year, or (3) Focus your attentions on kick starting 2013. If you chose Option 1, you might as well stop reading and go make another not-sale. If you chose Option 2, read on for two strategies of (not) selling to incorporate immediately.

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    New Product? Don’t Forget to Update the Sales Compensation Plan

    Congratulations, your organization is launching a new product in 2013! Are you updating the sales compensation plan accordingly? Failure to do so often leads to underperforming product launches and underwhelming results. Learn how to look at the launch closely and adjust the comp plan appropriately.

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  • rieberstill

    Addressing the “How to Organize Sales” Question with Technology and Process

    For large companies, a big question is how to organize their sales force. Do you have one big sales force that represents all products or do you allow each division to have their own sales team? There is no single right answer to this question as it depends alot on the company, the products, and the customers.

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    B2B Buying Cycle Alignment: 4 in 5 sales organisations must do better

    If you want a simple justification for why it’s worth insisting that your sales people provide evidence of their prospect’s buying behaviour, consider this: the sales organisations that did so won nearly 40% more of their forecasted deals than the organisations that paid no attention to it – and had far fewer losses and “no decisions”.

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    4 Solutions to Maximize Customer Selling Time

    You have identified a selling time issue within the sales force. A great deal of their time is spent traveling, completing administrative duties, and dealing with internal bureaucracy. Although 75% of the Sales Rep scorecard is tied directly to revenue growth, only 42% of their time is really focused on activities that drive growth.

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    Bonus Content

    Empowering the 21st Century Sales Warrior

    Increasingly, your sales teams are pitching an ever-expanding range of products and services to a customer base that is more well-informed than at any time in history. Fusing business processes with technologies to enable insight, collaboration, agility, and impact is the key to empowering the sales warriors of the 21st century.

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