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Welcome to our blog focused on the hot topics that are driving sales effectiveness today. You’ll hear from a variety of experts, including SAP Staff, partners, and leading sales thought leaders in the industry. Please feel free to join in the discussion.

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    Qualify Your Leads with Social Media

    Opportunities to initiate and nurture connections flood digital social media today. Are you taking advantage of them to nurture leads? While many of us have caught on to email nurturing campaigns, social nurturing campaigns are relatively new to marketers. We’ve put together a few pointers that will keep your leads flowing through the funnel after initial touches

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    B2B Sales: Why You Must Help Your Prospects Monetise Their Pain

    At any time, every one of your sales prospects are likely to be able to identify – with or without your help – any number of issues or needs they would like to see addressed. They may be very happy devoting their time to investigating potential solutions. But unless the problem is so significant that they cannot afford not to deal with it, they will almost certainly end up deciding to stay with the status quo.

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    3 Proven Ways to Shorten Your Average Sales Cycle

    he length of the average sales cycle is a concern for many B2B sales leaders, and with good reason: successfully shortening average sales cycles enables sales organisations to increase sales capacity without having to increase sales resources. From everything that I’ve observed, the key to systematically shortening average sales cycles lies in selling smarter, not harder – and I’d like to share 3 proven ways that could help your organisation achieve the same.

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