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Welcome to our blog focused on the hot topics that are driving sales effectiveness today. You’ll hear from a variety of experts, including SAP Staff, partners, and leading sales thought leaders in the industry. Please feel free to join in the discussion.

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    4 Distinctively Different States of the B2B Buying Decision Process

    I’ve written before about the Buyer’s Journey, and about the stages that your b2b prospects go through in their buying decision process. That journey is rarely linear: your prospects can decide to move forward in their decision making process, stay where they are, go backwards or abandon the journey. Understanding where your prospects are in the journey and determining what tactics you should use at each stage are fundamental to the success of any B2B sale.

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    The New Buying Cycle’s Impact on Sales

    In a recent Webcast, Dave Brock talked about the new buying cycle and how sales needs to change as a result of it. We conducted a followup discussion to dive deeper and discovered that some sales fundamentals have not changed at all.

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    3 Proven Ways to Shorten Your Average Sales Cycle

    he length of the average sales cycle is a concern for many B2B sales leaders, and with good reason: successfully shortening average sales cycles enables sales organisations to increase sales capacity without having to increase sales resources. From everything that I’ve observed, the key to systematically shortening average sales cycles lies in selling smarter, not harder – and I’d like to share 3 proven ways that could help your organisation achieve the same.

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